CHACOM Noël 703


The Chacom Noël n°43 is a bent pipe with the beloved Billiard shape, a black sandblasted finish and a black acrylic mouthpiece. You will love its beautiful wooden black & green band. Well-balanced with a rounded bowl, this beautiful sandblasted briar pipe offer a natural grip and a comfortable mouth feel. This 9mm filter pipe also comes with an adapter and offers a choice of smoking options (9mm filter, metal system or no filter).


- Dimensions : 139 (L) x 38 (l) x 50 mm (h)

- Chamber diameter : 20 mm

- Chamber depth : 43 mm

- Weight : 45 g


The Chacom Noël 2022 n°43 is made in Chapuis-Comoy & cie workshops by a team of creative diehards which preserve traditional processes and pipemaking techniques. It will be delivered with a burlap small bag in a beautiful Chacom wooden gift box.

Model : 43
Advised sale price :
108,90 € all tax. Incl.
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