ROPP Stout Sitter Sandblasted

The ROPP Stout Sandblasted Sitter is a vintage and original short pipe with a sandblasted brown finish and a horn stem. Thanks to its flat bottom, this pipe can stand own this own (no pipe stand requested). For this reason, a sitter is a convenient pipe to smoke while busy with other activities. This pipe is also availbale with a smooth finish. 


- Dimensions (length x width x height): 112 x 36 x 42 mm

- Chamber diameter: 19 mm

- Chamber depth: 36 mm

- Weight: 36 g

- Filter: no filter


Originally founded in the 19th century by Eugene-Leon Ropp, Ropp has maintained plenty of classical French style across the ages. Since 1991, Ropp pipes are made in the traditional way in the workshops of Chapuis-Comoy & Cie, in Saint-Claude, France.

Model : Poseuse sablée
Advised sale price :
72,70 € all tax. Incl.
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